Friday Apr 21, 2023

Examining Health Disparities in SEM with Drs. Megan Burleson and Katie Rizzone. EP#529

On this episode of the AMSSM Sports Medcast, host Dr. Jake Wessels, MD, is joined by Dr. Katie Rizzone, MD, MPH, and Dr. Megan Burleson, DO, to discuss the upcoming 2023 Collaborative Research Network (CRN) Research Summit on Justice, Equity and Inclusion. Dr. Burleson and Dr. Rizzone are members of Summit Planning Committee for the one-day conference, which takes place Friday, April 28, in Phoenix, AZ. This conference, will emphasize specific areas within sports and exercise medicine where health disparities have been previously identified or where they need to be further investigated. It will also highlight best practices for conducting meaningful research in the field of sports and exercise medicine through an equity lens. In this conversation, they address the following topics and questions: * Origin and mission of the Collaborative Research Network * The primary aims of the 2023 CRN Research Summit * The current lack of available research regarding health disparities and how this conference seeks to explore those topics * Some of the potential outcomes and future research directions of the Summit, and why they will be based on the conversations that happen during the conference * The inclusive nature and applicability of the Research Summit, especially for clinicians who are not heavily involved in research * Some of the biggest surprises the organizers have experienced while preparing for the Research Summit and the biggest highlights to look forward to

In-person and virtual attendance options are still available for the summit. Find complete details about the Research Summit and register here:

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