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Friday Aug 11, 2023

In this episode of the AMSSM (T: @TheAMSSM) Sports Medcast, host Dr. Jake Wessels, MD, is joined by Dr. Margot Putukian, MD (T: @MPutukian), and Dr. Siobhan Statuta, MD, to discuss the AMSSM Position Statement on Mononucleosis and Athletic Participation, which was published earlier this year.
This position statement updates the Evidence-Based Subject Review on Mononucleosis by the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine published in 2008 and reviews the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, laboratory assessment, and management including RTS for the athlete with IM. It also addresses complications, imaging, special considerations, diversity and equity considerations, and areas for future clinical research.
A Past President of AMSSM and the CMO of Major League Soccer, Dr. Putukian served as the co-lead author, and Dr. Statuta, sports medicine physician and team physician at the University of Virginia, was a co-author on the statement.
Additional Resources:
American Medical Society of Sports Medicine Position Statement: Mononucleosis and Athletic Participation

Friday Jul 28, 2023

This BJSM podcast dives into the launch of 'Swimming as Medicine' with Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi (GP, RCGP Lifestyle & Physical Activity Lead and Clinical Advisor for Swim England) and BJSM's host Dr Shona Kohlhardt.
This podcast explores the benefits and practicalities of the 'Swimming as Medicine' campaign and both how patients and clinical practitioners can benefit and get involved.
The following links are mentioned within the podcast:
Coming in September 2023: The NHS England eLearning on Aquatic Activity and Swimming for Health - and burning questions can be sent to

Friday Jul 21, 2023

In this episode of the AMSSM CRN Spotlight Podcast (T: @TheAMSSM) host Dr. Jeremy Schroeder, DO, (T: @thejschro) is joined by Dr. Dusty Narducci (T: @NarducciDusty) to discuss the updated AMSSM Position Statement regarding Athletes With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.
Dr. Narducci served as a co-author on the position statement, and in this conversation, she addresses the following topics:
Why the position statement, which was originally published in 2011, was updated
The recommended approach for diagnosis and management of athletes with ADHD
Identifying the most common doppelgangers for ADHD and how to diagnose them
Some of the key points related to the new diversity, equity, and inclusivity section
Pharmacotherapy and the various medical treatment options for athletes with ADHD
The role of exercise in the treatment of ADHD
The relationship between ADHD and concussions
Regulatory issues
Athletes With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Position Statement of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine
Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder in Athletes: More Than Self-Rating Scales and Stimulants – Key Messages from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Position Statement

Friday Jul 07, 2023

This podcast is a part of a BJSM mini-series on concussion in sport following the release of the 6th International Consensus Statement. In this episode Brooke Patterson hosts Prof Grant Iverson and Prof Bob Cantu to discuss the systematic review which evaluated the later-in-life health risks associated with participation in collision sports, repeated head impacts and concussion. The podcast will help clinicians have evidence-informed conversations about the risks with athletes, coaches, parents, sporting, and community organisations.

Friday Jun 30, 2023

This podcast Brooke Patterson hosts Prof John Leddy and Dr Margot Putukian, as a part of a BJSM mini-series on concussion, following the release of the 6th international consensus statement. They discuss the latest evidence on risks and benefits of physical activity, rest, cognitive activity, and sleep after sports related concussion. It will help clinicians guide athletes to return to exercise, school, and sport following concussion.  
Links to reviews 
Rest and exercise
Targeted interventions and their effect on recovery
Persisting symptoms and defining recovery
Defining recovery & role of technology
Clinical recovery from concussion: Return to school and sport
Social media posts
Tag: John Leddy and Margot Putukian, Jon Patricios, Kathryn Schneider
When can I exercise? Return to sport? Go back to school? How much rest? How can I progress physical activity? All the latest on the risks and benefits of physical activity, rest, cognitive activity, and sleep after sports related concussion.

Friday Jun 23, 2023

BJSM's Dr. Liam West talks to internationally renowned Sports Neuropsychologist Dr. Ruben Echemendia about the new concussion assessment tool - the SCAT6 and SCOAT6. They discuss areas that were highlighted as requiring improvement from the implementation of the SCAT5, how these were addressed and how best to use the SCAT6. The differences between the SCAT6 and SCOAT6 are discussed as well as top tips for those looking to diagnose and manage concussions.
SCAT6 Paper:

Thursday Jun 15, 2023

In this BJSM Podcast, Brooke Patterson hosts Kathryn Schneider and Jon Patricios. This your one-stop-shop for the updates from the 6th International Concussion in Sport Consensus Statement. They summarise findings from 10 systematic reviews and five years of work on topics related to concussion prevention, assessment, management, return to learn and sport, later in life health risks, and retirement decisions. The rigour of the consensus process is very clear—with careful consideration of all stakeholders, medical ethics, all age groups and sports (including para-sport).

Friday May 26, 2023

Dr Kerry Costello and Dr Deepak Kumar discuss a BSJM paper that investigated gait and physical activity predictors of cartilage worsening in people with knee osteoarthritis from the MOST study, using a machine learning model. Kerry and Deepak do a brilliant job of explaining the biomechanical variables, and the advantages of machine learning, and what these findings might mean for clinicians treating people with knee osteoarthritis.
Link to paper:…sports-2022-106142Connect with Kerry:…les/kerry-costello/

Friday Apr 28, 2023

On this episode of the AMSSM (T: @TheAMSSM) Sports Medcast, host Dr. Jake Wessels, MD, is joined by Dr. Stacy Sims, MSc, PhD (Insta: @drstacysims), to discuss her upcoming lectures on how nutrition affects performance during the 2023 AMSSM Annual Meeting.
Dr. Sims is an international exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist. She has directed research programs at Stanford, AUT University, and the University of Waikato, focusing on female athlete health and performance and pushed to improve research on all women. Her contributions to the international research environment and the sports nutrition industry has established a new niche in sports nutrition; and established her reputation as the expert in sex differences in training, nutrition and health. Dr. Sims has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers and several books.
In this conversation, Dr. Sims addresses the following topics:
* How her athletic background impacted her journey into the field of nutrition and performance
* Sharing a starting point for medical professionals to think about optimizing nutrition for athletes
* Ways to encourage athletes to be aware of their nutrition and how to effectively structure training sessions and nutritional plans
* Her standard approach on supplementation and why less can often be more
Learn more about her work and publications on her website (, and register to attend the 2023 AMSSM Annual Meeting in-person or virtually at

Friday Apr 21, 2023

On this episode of the AMSSM Sports Medcast, host Dr. Jake Wessels, MD, is joined by Dr. Katie Rizzone, MD, MPH, and Dr. Megan Burleson, DO, to discuss the upcoming 2023 Collaborative Research Network (CRN) Research Summit on Justice, Equity and Inclusion.
Dr. Burleson and Dr. Rizzone are members of Summit Planning Committee for the one-day conference, which takes place Friday, April 28, in Phoenix, AZ. This conference, will emphasize specific areas within sports and exercise medicine where health disparities have been previously identified or where they need to be further investigated. It will also highlight best practices for conducting meaningful research in the field of sports and exercise medicine through an equity lens.
In this conversation, they address the following topics and questions:
* Origin and mission of the Collaborative Research Network
* The primary aims of the 2023 CRN Research Summit
* The current lack of available research regarding health disparities and how this conference seeks to explore those topics
* Some of the potential outcomes and future research directions of the Summit, and why they will be based on the conversations that happen during the conference
* The inclusive nature and applicability of the Research Summit, especially for clinicians who are not heavily involved in research
* Some of the biggest surprises the organizers have experienced while preparing for the Research Summit and the biggest highlights to look forward to
In-person and virtual attendance options are still available for the summit. Find complete details about the Research Summit and register here:

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