Monday Jun 03, 2024

Movement for mental health with Professor Brendon Stubbs. EP#553

Mental Health problems are common and there is good evidence for physical activity as an important role to help prevent and treat mental health conditions. The BJSM has collaborated with the PACC programme to help develop this podcast and has invited Professor Brendon Stubbs, a global expert in this space. Brendon is a clinical-academic physiotherapist and has published more than 800 academic papers and has advised the WHO and the World Psychiatric Association. 

“The Physical Activity Clinical Champions or PACC programme is a national project delivering physical activity education to professionals working in healthcare to help get patients more physically active. It was previously being led by public health England as part of the moving healthcare professionals programme and funded by the national lottery & Sport England and is now being led by a consortium of The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine, The Advance Wellbeing Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University and Intelligent Health and is being re-designed with new resources. This podcast forms part of a series to support physical activity education for professionals working in healthcare. For anyone you would like to get involved with PACC project then please do email us at 


Physical activity Prevention of Mental Health Problems

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Treatment of Mental Health conditions

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Other resources mentioned:

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