Friday Mar 15, 2024

The Placebo Effect and Fueling Endurance Athletes with Dr. Peter Brukner. EP#548

On this episode of the AMSSM (T: @TheAMSSM) Sports Medcast, host Dr. Jake Wessels, MD, is joined by Dr. Peter Brukner, MBBS, DSc (T: @DrPeterBrukner), to discuss his upcoming lectures on the placebo effect and fueling endurance athletes during the 2024 AMSSM Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD.

In this conversation, Dr. Brukner shares some background on both of his upcoming main stage talks at the AMSSM Annual Meeting, which are titled:

  • Placebo Effect or Something More? How Nontangible Factors May Influence Perceived Outcomes with Injection Therapies
  • Fueling the Endurance Athlete

Dr. Brukner is a specialist sports and exercise physician and Professor of Sports Medicine at LaTrobe University. A former President of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians, he played a key role in establishing sports medicine as a medical specialty in Australia. He is the co-author of the widely used text book, Clinical Sports Medicine, and has been a team physician for professional football clubs as well as national athletics, swimming, soccer and cricket teams including Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

Learn more about his work and publications on his website (, and register to attend the 2024 AMSSM Annual Meeting in person or virtually at

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